4 Things I Think I Think Right Now (Sports Business Edition)

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  1. Minor League Baseball has a better grip on marketing than most other sports businesses: they have to market and sell effectively due to the fact that they can’t count on TV marketing for them or their partners doing a lot of the heavy lifting. And, this need shows in how effective they are.
  2. Minor Leauge Baseball is the best bang for the buck going in entertainment: You can go to a Triple A game and get two tickets, some snacks, and a souvenir for less than $50. That’s comparable to the movies or less in a lot of cases.
  3. MLB, one step forward, one or two steps back: WTF, releasing your 2020 schedule in the middle of August and at the same time the NBA is releasing their’s? I think in hockey you’d call that an unforced error.
  4. The Premier Leauge feels like its cultural relevance is growing in the US: I looked up the TV ratings for the Champions League final and the game had just under 3 million viewers and that’s a long way off from a Super Bowl. But I do think that the EPL is making major strides in catching people’s attention in America. The ratings are still relatively low for a sports property, but the increases and attention have been pretty steady over the last several years. Mainly, I judge this by the random lady stopping my son at the ice cream shop the other day and asking him if he had on a Spurs shirt because that was her team too.

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