3 Marketing Lessons Hidden In A Trip To Town

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That’s what you call it when you go anywhere when you are from the rural south…town.

But I went to town today and I came back with 3 marketing lessons to share:

  1. Familiarity is a bonus: When you visit The Varsity in Athens, they call out, “What’ll y’all have?” Granted, I don’t know how many times I’ve been to The Varsity, but the tradition and familiarity breed a sense of place. This is important because it roots itself in an emotional spot. Emotions sell.
  2. Customer service will still win, or just being friendly: I was in line at a store and the boy said we had less than 20 items…it was an express line, we had way more than 20 items, maybe closer to 30. But the cashier and the customers behind us handled it in stride. That won bonus points from me and I think it reflects well on the store. That’s a win.
  3. Being the only game in town can be in your favor: I needed to use a Supercharger and there is one in Athens. I’d never been to the shopping center, but when I arrived, there was a Dick’s and a Best Buy along with a bunch of other stores. I got several things at these shops while I was waiting for my car to charge because they were at the only Supercharger location…and I was going to buy them anyway. How many times does offering something unique or new pay off for people?

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