3 Ideas The Rest of the World Can Take From America’s Sales First Ticket Sales Model

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As I’ve been prepping to go to Australia in November, I’ve been doing a lot of research on what the trends and opportunities in Australian ticketing look like.

One consistency that I’ve seen comparing Australia to many countries that aren’t the United States is that for the most part ticketing is marketing-driven in most places that aren’t the United States.

I had a chat with Ian Taylor on my podcast a few months back for my podcast, he talked about how in the States we are too sales-focused and don’t always do a great job marketing tickets…well, I decided to flip that today and think about what the rest of the world could learn from the American, sales-first ticket sales model.

Being able to proactively create specific opportunities: 

One advantage of a sales-driven sales process is being able to focus more quickly and proactively on a specific sales opportunity.

I’d argue that you need to understanding marketing and PR to take advantage of these sales opportunities, but due to the way that American inside sales teams are set up, they can usually move more quickly in this regard.

Being closer to the customer can lead to more upsell opportunities:

Technology has improved this, but in most cases, a well trained, empathetic salesperson is going to be able to add more value to a sale, increase revenue, and give the customer better satisfaction.

It isn’t 100%, but in most cases being so close to the customer can win you additional revenue.

Having an actual salesperson work with a guest through the sales process can improve conversion rates:

I’ve heard a story where we talk about people being able to sell less well compared to a well-designed website and I don’t doubt the veracity of that.

But I’ve also had the opportunity to take a digital-only experience and have it improved by working with a salesperson.

While sales sites and technology are improving, we still haven’t completely eliminated empathy and human connection from the sales process and being close to customers can help improve conversion rates.

What do you think that American sports sales teams can teach international sports ticket sellers?

In a future post, I’ll flip it.


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