I think Gary V’s 100 pieces of content a day thing is likely BS…

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I like the idea that Jeff Tweedy talked about in his book of giving himself a creative challenge each and every day.

Like 20 minutes to write a song.

This is what I try to do daily with the blog.

And, I know I wrote about this topic last week, but I also mentioned somewhere recently that one of the biggest causes of change is consistency.

I was looking at Instagram this afternoon as I was trying to zone out and I saw a Gary Vaynerchuk video that said you need to create 100 pieces of content a day.

I know a lot of you follow the gospel of Gary V and I’m likely to get some emails and some smack laid out about this comment, but telling people that you have to create 100 pieces of content a day to be successful or build a brand isn’t really realistic and I think it sets people up to feel like they can never achieve success.

The truth is that if you create one good piece of content a day, you are doing a great job.

If you do a few tweets a day, that’s good.

I read somewhere in Alan Weiss’s books that he said something like spend 10-15 minutes tweeting out 5-6 valuable ideas and blog a few times a week.

That seems doable. And, likely something that people can take action in a manner that creates value.

I know that I am pretty good about creating content and I have built a “brand” for myself…(or that’s what Ian Taylor tells me.)

I guess what has been on my mind is that you have to do what is relevant for your business and your brand and if something seems like BS, it likely is.

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