Heroes vs. Mentors

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I had a conversation with someone recently and he said, “I’m like a mentor to him.”

That was nice and as I’ve been pushing through things…I realize I spend a lot of time offering ideas and suggestions to people because when I was starting out I didn’t know what a mentor was or how to get one.

But a few weeks ago I came across a Seth Godin blog post from 2010 about heroes and mentors.

I realized once again, I didn’t really do a good job of having a mentor…but I have plenty of heroes.

Here are 3 of them:

Peter Drucker:

He’s the father of modern management.

I can’t track down exactly how many books he wrote and what he meant to everyone, but he is the king of management to me.

And, he is someone I look to for ideas and inspiration, even though he’s been dead for 12+ years.

Seth Godin:

On marketing Twitter, Seth might get a bad rap.

It is possible that not all of his ideas even hold up. (He writes every day so it is just a given that half of his blogs are below average.)

But he has taught me a very important lesson, show up.

Alan Weiss:

Alan is “The Rock Star of Consulting” and he’s a genius when it comes to advocating for you believing in yourself and the value you can create in the world.



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