Consistency is one thing…and it leads to change.

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I was going through my MailChimp account this morning and realize I have been putting out a newsletter for 5 years on August 1st.

At the start of May 2015, I started to do the weekly newsletter that people have come to expect from me.

That’s pretty consistent.

But I think the more important thing is to just start because the newsletter I write now is much different than the one I started out with.

Here’s the first one:

Actions For Success: 

* Focus on your internal processes, in running a business a lot of waste can occur through outdated processes. So set aside some time to review how you are going about your business and make it a goal to remove any extraneous actions.

* Have you looked at your marketing plan lately? I would suggest at the very least that you review and update your marketing plans yearly. As we move into the end of summer and the fall, now may be a good time to review your marketing efforts and look for ways to be aggressive in your outreach.

* Do you set daily priorities for your professional life? If not, a really simple and effective way to begin managing your time and efforts is to keep a list of the actions you need to take everyday and make sure you have the time to complete them. I use a simple 3×5 notecard.

* Most of your sales success and failure is driven by one of four areas: need, desire, money, or time. If you are making more sales, you are hitting those areas in the proper manner. If you are not hitting your sales targets, look at the objections you are receiving and I will almost guarantee that they are also some variation: no need, no desire, no money, or no time.

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