5 Reasons To Go To The Ticketing Professionals Australia Conference In November

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It goes without saying, I’m excited to visit Australia.

That out of the way, if you are involved in tickets, revenue, marketing, or fan experience in theatre, arts, sports, and experiences and you can get to Sydney in November…I’d say you should get there.

But here are 5 reasons that you should be heading to Sydney for the Ticketing Professionals Australia Conference.

1. I’m giving the keynote:

I’m mean let’s start with that!

I give a small number of keynote addresses each year and this one is going to be special because it is all about my favorite subjects: change and risk.

You won’t want to miss it.

2. You are going to hear from some of the great voices in tickets from around the world: 

Besides me, you will also hear from Derek Palmer, Andrew Thomas, Simon Mabb, and I’m sure Angela and Jo have some other suprises up their sleeve.

One of the cool things that Jo and Angela are trying to do is make sure that the conference has a flavor of voices from around the world so that attendees are getting as many different perspectives as possible.

3. We will talk dynamic pricing:

This seems to be a big topic of interest around the world.

We will talk about that because it can really help your revenues. Don’t believe me, check out my conversation with Sean Kelly.

4. Technology will rule:

I’m coming down with my buddy, Simon Mabb. He’s CEO of Booking Protect and they have changed the game with regards to what refund protection looks like for guests, how people think of customer service in technology, and how a partner can support your brand.

But besides seeing us, you’ll want to check out companies like Vatic, Audience View, QCue, and many others.

No matter what you are looking for, the technology that will be present at the conference will change your thinking about what your organization can achieve.

5. It is summer in Sydney:

I’m looking forward to going to Bondi Beach and the Sydney Opera House.

But if you are in the northern hemisphere…get to summer in Australia!

PS…it is Jo’s birthday:

And, yes, there will be a celebratory toast.

You should get to the Ticketing Professionals Australia conference in November.

If you sign up now, send me your registration and I’ll come up with some sort of prize or gift for your team.

And, if you want to learn more about how me and Simon think, send us your questions via email, comment, tweet, or however…we will be doing a special AMA version of “The Business of Fun” and we would love to hear from you.


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