5 Lessons From My Conversation With Angela Higgins

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I had my friend, Angela Higgins on “The Business of Fun” today and we talked about a number of things like how she came up with such a wonderful keynote speaker.


All kidding aside, I am very excited to be going to Australia to speak and I wanted to share a few of the things I learned in Australia.

Change is the theme at the heart of this conference:

Angela knows the importance of change and one of the things we discussed was our views on change.

I shared the Pat Riley quote that forms the basis of my thinking on change and Angela talked about how important it is to continue to grow and change.

In pulling together this conference, Angela and Jo Michele are focusing on helping bring the ideas and technologies to Australia that will help their entertainment industry growing.

Ideas need to spread:

I liked the idea that Angela brought up of wanting to get the most diverse number of people and backgrounds together as she could manage.

This is important because as we pointed out on the podcast, the challenges that people face across verticals in the ticket industry are more similar than they are different.

This is why spreading ideas is so powerful.

Customer service is on people’s mind:

This has come up when I have had conversations with people all over the world. But it has come up a lot of times when I’ve been talking with people in Australia.

If you don’t know the work of Blair Hughes, check him out.

He’s advocating the need for better service and better food options.

But outside of that, we should all be looking for ways to improve our customer service and experience because it is the best form of marketing and it allows us to differentiate ourselves.

Partnerships are important:

Angela talked specifically about the travel industry due to the size of Australia.

But the truth is that partnerships are very important to you no matter what you are doing because they can be a powerful tool in expanding and improving your marketing.

Talking directly to customers is more important than ever: 

But also tougher.

So we need to be much more creative.

What did you learn from Angela?


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