3 Sneak Peaks of My Conversation with Oli Shawyer

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I’m going to drop the podcast with Oli Shawyer tomorrow, but I wanted to share a few sneak peaks with you before I get the podcast posted and edited.

So here are 3 tidbits to whet your appetite.

1. Diversity of experience is really powerful in selling sports and events:

Oli comes from the world of advertising.

In our conversation, he shared a number of experiences and examples that showed how this diversity of experience was powerful in helping him become better at selling sports and entertainment from the jump.

In a way, this reminded me of the podcast I did with Kara Parkinson back at the start of the podcast where she talked about working in packaged goods helped her market technology to the arts better.

2. Marketing basics are marketing basics:

We had a little bit of a lovefest because both Oli and I are versed in the basics of marketing.

I should have had him list some of his favorite marketing books, but we talked about some of our favorite marketers like Tom Goodwin, Ryan Waldman, Mark Ritson, and Byron Sharp.

But the most important thing we came around on is that there are basics to marketing that apply no matter what you are selling. To not pay attention to those basics is to risk not doing your job very well.

3. Great ideas can come from everywhere:

Oli shared his love of data and research.

He also shared how his background in advertising impacts his focus on marketing to sports fans.

We also talked about resources that we both turn to when we are looking for insights.

If you combine all of that, you realize that a great idea can come from anywhere.

And, knowing that is pretty powerful.


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