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I went on a tear on sports business this week.

I covered MLB’s dramatic attendance drop and I covered some of the areas of sports business that need immediate attention.

Then I had my friend, Tony Knopp, on the podcast on Friday.

While this was a sports business heavy week of thinking, the lessons I learned and the ideas I generated this week apply to any business and any role.

What I want to do is share the 3 most important with you this morning and ask for your feedback…fair?

Marketing is a big problem and opportunity for all of us:

I know I’ve been talking about marketing a lot lately…SURPRISE!

But what I didn’t realize as I was talking about marketing was that marketing was something everyone had on their mind as well.

Get this, marketing is a problem for a lot of us for a number of reasons. Here are 3:

1. We struggle to get people’s attention.
2. We don’t know what is working and what isn’t.
3. We don’t know where to look for ideas on what we should be doing.

The obvious answer to number 3 is listening to me!

Actually, to achieve success in our marketing today though…we need to do 3 simple things:

1. Make our message clear.
2. Create a compelling message.
3. Deliver that message consistently.

That’s where the opportunity is.

You don’t have to try and beat P&G at their own game or anyone else for that matter.

What you do need to do is to think about what is a clear, compelling message for your audience and be willing to deliver it consistently and in a focused manner to your top prospects.

Sales is a struggle: 

I’ve learned that the art of professional sales is still lost on a lot of people.

And, this creates a struggle.

Like marketing, there is opportunity there as well because wherever there is a challenge…there is an opportunity.

In thinking through sales, where are the opportunities?

Here are 3:

1. There is a big opportunity in being hyper-focused on your biggest opportunities.
2. There is a huge opportunity in being a trusted advisor.
3. There is an opportunity in offering a unique solution.

Let me flesh this out a little bit.

Many of us struggle to sell because we don’t know who we are selling to.

We all need a list of dream clients and top targets.

These are the people we can create the most value for.

In today’s world, we also see tremendous opportunity in being a trusted advisor. This means you have ideas and can help your customers create or capture opportunities.

Finally, we need to be unique.

The world is filled with almost identical options.

The unique solutions!

Having a compelling value proposition is table stakes today:

Kind of the culmination of my thinking on branding, marketing, strategy, and sales is that your tight value proposition is just table stakes today…even if you are selling to consumers or B2B.

You have to have a reason for why people should pay attention to you.

How do you do that?

You go back to my idea from a few weeks back about marketing being about discomfort.

I don’t know if I completely fleshed out the idea, but when I say discomfort, I mean the need to take a different action.

It is like when you go shopping for a new car, you struggle to get back in your old one once you’ve been in the new one that is just what you want.

I mean discomfort in the way that I went to see this movie and I can’t believe I missed the game.

To gain any traction today,  you have to get past the initial shrug of “whatever” to have a compelling reason for people to be uncomfortable and want to do something different.

That’s the basics now.

That’s what has been on my mind this week!

What about you?

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