5 Ticket Lessons From My Top 5 Podcast Episodes…

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This week I’m celebrating the one-year anniversary of the podcast: Dave Wakeman’s The Business of Fun.

And, today I want to share a few lessons and ideas I got from my top 5 episodes in the first year.

First, I must say that I was surprised when I was working through the stats to write this that the top 5 podcasts were all people affiliated in some form with the secondary market.

That’s interesting because at INTIX this year, the secondary market had a lot more presence than in years past.

So take that information and stash it away.

Here are my top 5 lessons from my Top 5 podcasts:

Sam Sherman:

Sam’s podcast was the most downloaded and continues to have people download it every day.

In having a conversation with Sam, I learned a great deal about pricing and trends.

The biggest lesson that I took away is that from a pricing standpoint tickets act like very combustible commodities.

In the episode, I pushed back on this idea a bit, but as I reflect on it…Sam is right, but he doesn’t have to be.

An action item for all of us can be that if we don’t want Sam’s observation to be true, what can we do that takes a ticket out of the realm of the commodity?

Eric Fuller:

I talked to Eric three times on the podcast and I learned something new each time.

It is nice to have someone on the podcast that comes at the world of tickets from the point of view of a lawyer. I mean, I am guilty of coming at the world of tickets from the vantage point of a marketer…so it works.

In talking to Eric, the biggest lesson I learned was that all of us can be guilty of only looking at the world through the lens we have.

In talking through Eric’s difficulties with Ticketmaster, it became apparent to me that some of the ticketing platforms are making decisions in a vacuum and have been able to get away with that for a great deal of time and that there is a real benefit from getting out of your head to see the world how your customers and/or partners do.

Action item here: talk to your customers regularly.

Corey Gibbs:

I don’t know how long I’ve known Corey, but he’s my man.

So the fact that he’s on the podcast regularly shouldn’t be a surprise.

I’ve learned so much from Corey over the years that distilling that knowledge down to one thing seems impossible, but since he had 2 of the top 5 podcasts, I’m going to share two ideas that I think you can pay attention to and learn from.

One, pricing and demand is a delicate thing.

We talked as Alabama prepared to play Clemson in Santa Clara and Corey laid out in great detail how delicate the demand and pricing marriage is.

From an action POV, we need to be more aware of the marriage of pricing and demand and ask ourselves how we can use this knowledge to make better packaging and pricing decisions early.

Second, I learned that we all need to be constantly challenging ourselves.

Corey shared a bit about his PhD work and the work he is doing on pricing professionally.

The things he has accomplished are tremendous and it just shows that hard work and being a good person can pay off.

Action item here: think about how you can learn more and always keep updating your skills and, most importantly, how can you give back?

Matt DeWire: 

This one was a surprise to see in the Top 5.


Matt is a smart kid, but he hasn’t been in the industry that long. So I figured people might not jump all over his episode.

I was wrong.

I learn a lot from Matt and I think he would tell you that he is always learning from me.

But I really did learn a lot when I chatted with Matt on the podcast.

I think the most important lesson that Matt brought to the podcast was the idea of being customer focused and putting meat on that bone.

Matt talked about becoming a part of your community and being able to reflect the people you are trying to sell to.

This leads me to another action item: do a couple of things get out into the community, talk to your customers, and don’t try and be better than the people you are selling to. You have to have empathy for the people you are serving.

Bonus tip:

Maureen Andersen:

Since Corey took up two spots on the list, I’m going to add another tip from podcast number 6.

I’ve been fortunate to get to know Maureen and learn from her over the last two or three years and I had her on the podcast to promote this year’s INTIX in Dallas.

I don’t know how to distill the biggest lesson from my talk with Maureen down into anything but the word passion.

She’s extremely passionate about tickets and making sure that the people that make the magic happen get recognition.

That’s the kind of spirit we need more of in life.

So if I have to give an action item here it is that do everything you do with a sense of flair and verve. You deserve it. The world deserves it. And, really, we need it.

Did you have a favorite idea or tip from this year’s podcasts? A favorite guest? Let me know below! 





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