4 Things That You Will Learn At My “Be Prepared” Prep Session For The FTC’s Ticket Workshop

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On June 11th, the FTC is holding an online ticket sale workshop.

This is the public and industries opportunity to work with the government to voice their concerns, ask questions, and make the case for change or the status quo in the world of tickets.

Knowing that ticketing is one of the most contentious and high profile areas of industry in the world, the FTC workshop is likely to devolve into a shouting match at points, an opportunity for all sides of the industry to whine about what the other is doing to “ruin” the experience of the customer, and on and on.

The point being, you have to plan and strategize ahead of time to make sure you can get the maximum benefit out of the workshop, that’s why I’m putting together a two-part strategy session with my colleague, Eric Fuller, to focus on planning to maximize your time at the FTC workshop before the event and on the 12th, after the event, we are going to help you find ways to take action on what you’ve learned from the workshop on the 11th.

Here are 4 things you’ll gain by attending our event:

1. You’ll be able to connect before, during, and after with industry leaders: 

One thing about this FTC event that will be great for the industry is that it gets everyone in the room together and the same city at the same time.

That’s why we are hosting a special networking event on June 10th so that people from across the industry can get together for drinks, networking, and connection.

One of the things that I’ve learned and that still holds true is that this is a people business.

2. You get tips on controlling your message during the workshop:

Unfortunately, I’ve lived in DC long enough that I know how the political folks speak.

They only speak strongly if they absolutely must, couch their language in a lot of meaningless speak, and often look for ways to least offend everyone while pleasing no one.

This means that you have to really focus on getting your message across in a manner that will convey your point without being tossed aside.

We will help you there.

3. We will help you know who to connect with: 

It isn’t enough to just be there.

You also need to know who to speak with, watch for, and pay attention to.


Because not everyone’s opinion is created equal and not everyone’s voice will be heard in the same way.

You need to know who will be heard and who won’t.

4. You’ll be prodded to take action:

Let’s be honest, in tickets we’ve often become a reactive industry.

We let the change come to us and we only react to it.

By attending our event, we will help you find the right actions to take to maximize the benefit of your time in DC and attendance at the FTC’s event and we will help you discover the first steps that you can take to ensure that you gain a positive benefit from the event.

These are just four of the benefits that you’ll gain.

Don’t miss the chance to work with me and Eric Fuller in a small group with some of your colleagues.


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