Why do people buy?

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An incomplete list…

  1. They need it.
  2. They want it.
  3. It makes them feel good.
  4. It gives them satisfaction.
  5. They want to give a gift.
  6. They want to win business.
  7. They want to make a connection.
  8. They are bored.
  9. They are excited.
  10. They are caught in the moment.
  11. They like the price.
  12. They like the story.
  13. They like don’t want to be left out.
  14. They need to be first.
  15. They need to be certain.
  16. Everyone else is doing it.

This is only 16 ways, but the point is that people buy for a lot of reasons and there isn’t just one reason…so stop thinking there is a magic bullet to make people buy.

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