7 Rules of Marketing I Use Today…

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I read Bernadette Jiwa’s post on being a good marketer just now and it caught my attention.

In most cases, I use my friend, Tim Chambers, definition of what I do: “I’m a grubby retailer.”

But that didn’t seem like enough.

So I wanted to share a few quick rules of marketing that I live by today…they change sometimes.

  1. Marketing is about getting people to take action: In a lot cases buy something, but no matter what I need you to do something for me.
  2. Marketing is about change: The only thing certain in life is change, even doing nothing.
  3. Marketing needs to lead less with data: I like using data, but I don’t let data make my decisions for me.
  4. Marketing gets a bad rap because it is easy to sling buzzwords and talk nonsense: Do I need to give you an example?
  5. Marketing should show a ROI: This can be tough but you do need to know what you are spending and why plus how you are benefiting from it. This doesn’t mean that you don’t invest in branding because it is tough to measure. It means you have a plan and you measure your success against the plan.
  6. Inbound marketing isn’t worthless: But it does appeal to people that are afraid of being called “salesy”.
  7. As much as I might have learned about marketing over the years, the truth is that I am still a beginner and likely always will be: What worked a few years ago doesn’t always work today. That’s always been true and I think that will always be true. So I have to keep learning.


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