3 ideas about early season baseball’s attendance…

I’m looking at Empty Seats Galore on Twitter and I had a podcast conversation with Brett Zalaski this morning that focused on filling a ballpark.

I’m behind in writing lately, but here are 3 ideas about early season baseball and attendance:

  1. Baseball plays so many games that it is really tough to measure year over year on a week to week basis.
  2. Baseball is the sport that is likely most accessible through storytelling, but over the past few years that art seems to have been lost.
  3. Even with blips in the schedule or minor bumps in attention, the long-term trend is that baseball has a cultural relevance issue that boils down to a marketing challenge.

Is baseball any of the following, really?

  • Too slow?
  • Too dull?
  • Too long?

No. But it seems that people have decided that it is.

The better question is how do you create more value for a person paying attention to baseball? Minor League Baseball does it well. So do the Boston Red Sox…why isn’t everyone else?

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