Marketers You Should Know…And Why?

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I follow two areas more closely than others, sports business and everything related to tickets is one.

The other is marketing.

Because these two come together so often, Brett Zalaski called me something like a dirty secret that most marketers in sports don’t want to admit that they listen to.

Unfortunately for all of us, marketing is filled with a lot of people that call themselves marketers that have dubious advice or seem only able to sell themselves.

With that in mind, I wanted to put together a list of a few of my favorite marketers and why I follow them so you can maybe learn a thing or two from them. Because if you find my voice useful at all, it might be interesting for you to find out the people that I listen to and learn from as well.

Tom Goodwin

You might or might not know Tom Goodwin for his viral LinkedIn and Twitter posts.

More than that, Tom is a marketer and forward thinker that brings clarity and a different perspective to many of the ideas that are a part of our daily life like technology, change, and advertising.

You should check out his book, Digital Darwinism.

Ad Contrarian:

I don’t know if Ad Contrarian is one person or many and it doesn’t matter.

Ad Contrarian’s Twitter account is great, but I want to point you towards a recent blog post about how a bad idea becomes fact. 

We’ve all been there and seen it happen, here is how it comes true.

In general, Ad Contrarian takes a similar move to mine and asks the question: “What if the conventional wisdom isn’t true?”

Nicole Yershon:

As I started putting together this list, I started thinking about the most creative women I know in advertising and Nicole Yershon is at the top of the list.

We met due to a shared acquaintance and Nicole helped me with some research on how great marketers are often great project managers.

Nicole is a great example. She is also generous, creative, and insightful on startups, business, and fostering teams.

Dave Trott:

Dave Trott is a copywriter and he makes the political ads I wrote with 60 words or less look bloated in comparison.

His prose is slight but insightful.

His stories cut to the quick of a story.

And, he always makes you think.

He might be the greatest storyteller working in advertising today.

Ryan Wallman:

Going by the Twitter handle, Dr. Draper, sets an expectation.

Ryan is skeptical of a lot and uses wit to cut through the absurdity of what passes for great advertising and marketing in today’s economy.

You should check out his website where he uses visuals and mockups to tell a story about what good advertising is and looks like and what we allow to happen that butchers advertising’s name today.

When I am in Australia, I’m totally looking him up for drinks.

Mark Ritson: 

I think Mark Ritson opened the door to all of the other people on this list, minus Nicole, because when I first found Mark’s column on Marketing Week, I thought to myself, “This is genius. This is how far you should go in criticism because half measures don’t typically work.”

When I found Mark on Twitter and saw the people he engaged with, I started following them and it opened up a whole new world of marketers and advertisers that weren’t stuck on the BS of clicks, engagement, and every other godforsaken buzzword that passes for insight in today’s world.

I mean, you read Mark Ritson’s work because you know that the work you are doing isn’t right and you might not know how to put your finger on it.

You read Mark Ritson’s work because you need a nudge in the right direction.

You read Mark Ritson’s work because you want to be a better marketer and more thoughtful member of society!


This is just 6 people and I have a few more that I want to highlight, but I’ve learned that if I jam too many people into one post…everyone gets missed. Or, only the first person gets any attention.

Hopefully, what I’ve learned from all of these people will be as valuable and helpful to you.

Who am I missing that I didn’t mention?

Let me know in the comments below!




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