Marketers You Should Know…And Why! Part 2!

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I shared a little about how my friend, Brett Zalaski, calls me the marketer in sports and entertainment that people listen to, but don’t want to admit to listening to recently and how that got me to thinking about what marketers influence me that I never really say much about.

Part 1 was well received and I figured I would go further down the rabbit hole of marketers I admire and learn from all the time.

Henry Innis: 

I just found out that Henry started is own business in Australia and that’s got to be one of the reasons that I like his work so much.

When you are on the clock for your work, it tends to get cut to the quick pretty quickly. All the garbage rolls away pretty fast.

Henry is a great strategist and really a smart twitterer when he talks about the way that strategy and marketing can be smarter.

Shann Biglione:

Shann is at Zenith and from the people I know at Zenith if I ever wanted to work at an agency…that would have been the one.

Shann is like most of the people that I’ve mentioned so far, he’s insightful and isn’t afraid to call BS on all the crap that passes for “leadership” in today’s marketing and advertising.

Earlier this week, he wrote a really great piece about Burger King’s advertising strategy and their obsession with McDonald’s. Read the whole piece, but I’m with Shann when he says he’d rather be the person defining the future than trying to punch up at the champ today. Especially when you consider how fast food preferences and knowledge about diet are changing.

JP Hanson:

JP is the newest columnist for Marketing Week!

If you don’t read Marketing Week, are you really a marketer? (Because it is simply the best marketing resource in the world right now.)

JP talks strategy. He writes marketing. He engages with his Twitter audience.

All of that with an extreme eye on pragmatism.

Helen Edwards:

How does Helen Edwards only have 2,500 Twitter followers?

You’ll probably want to start by looking at her work on how technology should allow us to be more human than not. I mean to me that is just obvious but it still seems to be missed by far too many folks.

Helen doesn’t do a lot of interacting with the riff-raff like me, but she does a great job of sharing her writing and sharp writing from others and if you want to use the term “curate” then she does that well.

Laurie McGrath:

Laurie is a marketer, but I don’t know that that is the best reason to follow her.

To me, you want to follow Laurie because she is also focused on the human spirit and how we are focused on maturing and growing as a species. Which is tough to believe somedays, but also means that thinking about the world like that is also much more important today.

I think more marketers should be thinking and using the spiritual and the non-linear to market and sell. It doesn’t matter what you are marketing, you need to be able to approach your audience from the POV of an empathetic human because marketing is really the art of connecting one person with another, even when you think the transaction is mundane.

Jackie Fast:

How great, I have a contestant from the UK’s version of “The Apprentice” following me on Twitter!

Jackie used her TV appearances to really brand herself as a smart marketer and promoter.

She is also someone that practices the dark arts of marketing by starting up a wine company, helping lead the sponsorship association in London, and promoting her book.

You’ll find all of that and more on her Twitter feed.

That’s 6 more marketers that I look to get new ideas, new perspectives, and input.

I hope you find something from one of them that makes you a smarter marketer as well.



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