Empathy is marketing’s secret weapon

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I’m sure I’ve written here on many occasions about the failure of most marketing and advertising to cut through the clutter of our everyday lives.

I don’t know what the real statistic is, but the 5,000 impressions a day that is batted around pretty regularly feels right to me, even if the number of impressions isn’t 100% accurate.


Because we are overwhelmed with noise, ad impressions, asks, and we can’t keep up.

In too many instances, the answer to all of this noise seems to be that we will just do more:

  • More calls
  • More ad impressions
  • More spam

Due to this, marketing and advertising is becoming less and less effective.

Much of this marketing and advertising has a similar point of view in common: it is all “me focused.”

To be successful in the world of marketing today, there are a lot of theories thrown around.

You hear something like “Jab Jab” from Gary V.

You hear about account-based marketing from everyone.

There is content marketing.

On and on the list goes.

But in the modern world, the secret weapon of marketing is empathy.

As we are stretched more thinly and as demands on our attention are more persistent, the challenge we face is finding the time and the energy to even make a decision.

Throwing more at us isn’t going to solve that problem.

That’s where empathy comes in.

Empathy isn’t about what the customer can do for you, but what you can do for the customer.

How are you going to make the customer’s life better?

How are you going to create value for your customers?

It is this skill of putting yourself in your client’s seat that will make your marketing more successful today?

Instead of asking how I can demand someone’s attention, the question has to be how can I earn it?

You earn attention by delivering the unexpected, the relevant, the high impact.

That’s about empathy.

That’s the secret.


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