10 Ideas On Maximizing Your Sales Funnel

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A few months back, Ian Taylor from bigdog agency mentioned that he thought I was a little bit too sales focused at the cost of marketing. Then the kicker was that if I’m bad, Americans, on the whole, put too much pressure on their sales teams by not supporting them with the right kind of marketing.

Back in the days, Peter Drucker was famous for mentioning the idea that sales and marketing aren’t really friends, but adversaries and that marketing’s job was really to make sales unnecessary.

While I’m not 100% sure I would go that far, I think you can see that there was some logic in Peter Drucker’s thinking. Especially if you go back and look at the hype that surrounded the initial launch of the iPhone or the way that the iPod sold.

Apple didn’t really need a sales team to sell the iPhone or iPod, they sold themselves because the marketing of the products was so brilliant: from the design on to the packaging, to their simplicity, and on and on.

But all of this aside, we need to spend some time thinking about our sales funnel.


Because we have to recognize that there is a definite process involved in moving someone from the initial contact to the point of purchase on through advocate.

For just a moment, I want you to think about a few things in regard to the sales funnel:

  1. About 80% of sales leads don’t convert to sales: Why?
  2. Many sales folks aren’t especially good at qualifying their leads: Why?
  3. Personalization and focus are key parts of the sales nurturing process: Are you using them in your funnel?
  4. Does your sales funnel make it easy for your buyer to buy?
  5. Is your funnel designed to help shorten the amount of time it takes to make a sale?
  6. Are you providing a compelling reason for people to move from prospect to buyer?
  7. Does your sales funnel contain consistent steps or a thought through process?
  8. How many points of touch does it take for someone to make a buying decision?
  9. How are you nurturing leads, especially later in the buying process, or as consumers are educating themselves?
  10. Is there a way that you can help conversions with interactive actions?

These are only 10 ideas, but I’ve been thinking about how to maximize the sales funnel a lot lately and the more I learn, the more questions it raises.

These seem like good jumping off points for your thinking as well.

Or, maybe you have solutions that you can share in the comments.

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