Marketing Made Simple…

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At its heart, marketing isn’t terribly difficult.

It is really about two things:

  1. What makes you different.
  2. How do you make sure the people you want to know about you know about you.

The challenge that most of us are dealing with today is that this seemingly simple process is complicated by the multitude of choices we are all dealing with.

Jack Trout has called our current circumstance a “tyranny of choices.”

What this “tyranny” of choice provides us with is the opportunity to stand out because that is our only opportunity to be market in a way that matters to our audience and the people we are working to serve.

To capitalize on this opportunity, we must market in a way that reflects 3 key ideas:

  1. Focuses on value. We can’t just compete on what everyone else is doing, we must compete on our own unique value.
  2. Focuses on differentiation. How are we different? What do we want our customers and prospects to think of when they hear our name or think of us?
  3. Focus on a specific audience. We love the idea of being able to reach the broadest possible market. Because it seems like success is only a lightning strike away. But the truth is that even mass market successes didn’t go from zero to a million in one second. They all started out with a core group of people, a minimum number of people to create a viable audience. We need to start with that smallest group and grow our offering from there. Because if we try to be for everyone, we will end up being for no one.


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