3 Question To Help You Make Better Decisions For Your Business…

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If you’ve been following along here for any period of time, you are likely to understand that I am a big fan of using questions to frame your decision-making process.


Because for the most part, if you ask the right questions, it is going to allow you to put the challenge in the proper context.

If you ask a weak question, you likely aren’t going to have the impact that you want to have.

Let’s take a look at a couple of questions that can help you frame your business challenges.

What does our customer value? 

Getting the value right is at the heart of pretty much everything I do. And, it should be at the heart of everything you do with your customers.

Many times you can get yourself into trouble if you lose sight of what your customers find valuable.

If you ask yourself this question from time to time, it will help you keep everything in order.

Is our business aligned around what our customers perceive as value?

You can be busy doing busy work and you might not even be aware of it.

The key to making sure you dedicate your efforts to the highest value work you can do is by making sure you ask the question about whether or not your business is aligned around the value that your customers perceive to be the highest.

Do we have the right plan?

“We’ve always done it this way.”

That’s the worst thing to hear in an organization because it likely means you are missing out on the vibrancy of taking advantage of new opportunities, new technologies, or new tactics.

While you can’t just jump from squirrel to squirrel when you are focusing on results, you do need some flexibility to make adjustments, try new ideas, or capture opportunities.

Let me pose this to you, do you have a question that helps keep you on track?




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