10 Ideas To Improve Your Marketing ASAP…

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I’ve written before about the practice of writing 10 ideas a day to a problem or opportunity that James Altucher talks about on his podcast.

Today I want to turn my lens towards your marketing…as in the universal you, not anyone in particular.

  1. Focus on the outcomes: Express everything in a way that reflects improvement.
  2. Never lose sight of the fact that you aren’t your market: Meaning don’t let your feelings about something ruin what your customers find valuable.
  3. Get your strategy right: Too many marketers get caught up in chasing the new, but what you really need to look at is what is important. You do this by figuring out what your strategy is.
  4. Don’t make the mistake of following the herd: Just because everyone else is doing it isn’t a good justification for you doing it.
  5. Stand for something: Don’t be wishy-washy or try to be everything to everyone. That is the fastest way to waste a lot of marketing money. You need to be specific in your value proposition and your point of view.
  6. Test, learn, and adapt: What works today isn’t guaranteed to work tomorrow. You have to constantly be learning, and testing, and changing.
  7. Don’t get wed to just one form of marketing: The promise of digital advertising was that we would be able to eliminate the waste in our ad budgets. The challenge is that some of what was defined as “waste” was actually budget spent on top of funnel brand building activities that make the direct response and lower down the funnel activities achieve results. So don’t fall into the trap of only focusing on one part of the marketing funnel.
  8. Learn from outside your industry: Industry specific knowledge isn’t completely worthless, but it can often be overrated. You should be learning from everyone that is doing a good job marketing and selling their products and services.
  9. Differentiate or die: Marketing and getting customers to buy something new is about changing behavior. If you are just the same only cheaper, that’s commodity thinking and that sucks. Make yourself different and better…that’s the ticket.
  10. Be consistent: I mean, I have been on the Plaza Hotel’s email list for years, but I have only heard from them in a limited number of moments, typically when they want me to buy something from them. That’s lame because where were they all the other days of the year minus the 2 or 3 times that they wanted me to buy? Don’t do that…stay in touch so that when you do have something to sell, people will pay attention.

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