Top Ticket Twitter Follows 2018: Part 5

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I’m continuing to share with you some of my must-follows in the world of tickets.

I’m rolling them out in groups of 10 so I can give you a little introduction to each person.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Simon Mabb: If the Ritz Carlton, British Air, or any other company that talks about their service put half as much attention into customer service as Simon does, they’d really be killing it with service. Simon and his team at Booking Protect have created the best refund protection platform in the world with the most comprehensive protection and an award-winning customer service team. Simon tweets about tickets, insurance, service, and Tottenham Hotspur football.

Russell Scibetti: Russell is President at Kore Software and the founder of SB Week. I met him back in the days when he was involved with social media at the Jets. Russell tweets about games, tech, and sports business.

Jesse Cole: Jesse is the owner of the Savannah Bananas and his focus is on fun. The Bananas have been sold out for years and they offer their fans one of the most unique experiences in sports, anywhere in the world.

Chris Grosse: Chris recently moved over to work on marketing at Penn State, but many of you may know his work at Georgetown. Chris does a great job of asking is followers for ideas and suggestions that will make his marketing fun and unique.

Jared Frank: Jared is the editor of SEAT Magazine, the ALSD’s member publication. Jared is an expert when it comes to digital marketing and selling the premium experience. You can follow his tweets on trends and ideas that are shaping the luxury suite experience.

Rob Sine: Rob is CRO of AXS. He has had a long career in sports and I’m almost certain our paths crossed at some point with the Seahawks. Rob tweets a lot of stuff about tickets and technology. Plus he tweets about the games and the people behind the games which is always interesting to me.

Shane Harmon: Shane is the CEO of Westpac Stadium in New Zealand. He is someone that Dave Arthur tells me I need to have an IPA with. And, Shane did a fantastic episode of Troy Kirby’s podcast that you should check out where he talked about selling tickets with social media before it was on a lot of people’s radar.

Lynne King Smith: Lynne is CEO of TicketForce. She’s also a founder of a co-working space, lover of craft beer, and a blogger. You can follow Lynne to learn more about tickets, more about promoting women in the workplace, and more about the activities and passions that she has.

Suzi Alvarez: Suzi is involved in strategy with the Oakland A’s. (Little known fact, totally a Barry Zito fan and have an old school A’s hat for that reason.) Suzi tweets out things about things the A’s are doing for thier fans, plans for their new ballpark, and cool stuff about Oakland.

Colleen Sorum: Colleen went to Alabama! So she’s good in my book. But Colleen is also Deputy AD at Maryland as they just hired a new football coach. She tweets a lot about Maryland athletics and the ocassional travel tweet. (In-N-Out made me a little hungry.)




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