Top Ticket Twitter Follows 2018: Part 4

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This is part 4 in an ongoing series of people I think you should follow in Ticket Twitter.

Again, no rhyme or reason to how I am rolling out people and I am rolling them out in groups of ten so you can get a feel for why you should be paying attention to these folks.

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Derek PalmerDerek doesn’t tweet about work, but he is one of the most well-respected ticketing professionals in the world. In a practice what you preach kind of way, Derek tweets a lot about sports, especially Chelsea. He’s been international for the last few years but is coming back Stateside in January and that might mean he will start tweeting about work.

Bonus Derek Palmer story, at INTIX last year, he told some executives from MLB that I was “only” marketing person that he knew who wasn’t full of crap (or something to that effect.) It was a very nice thing for anyone to say.

Sean Callanan: Sean is an Australian based digital marketer and podcaster. You probably know the Sports Geek brand from a lot of stuff that Sean does. He has great podcast guests on including Mark Cuban and provides some really great insights on how you can turn digital into dollars.

Kara Parkinson: Kara is the marketing leader for Audience View. What really makes Kara someone you should be paying attention to is the fact that when she came to Audience View, she didn’t come from a ticketing background but one of packaged goods. This gives her an entirely different perspective on marketing and selling in the world of tickets.

Andi Perelman: Andi is the Director of Social Media for the Pittsburgh Penguins and if you aren’t paying attention, the Penguins have done a great job of building their brand over the last few years as they have had one of the stars of the NHL and have had a nice run of Stanley Cup success. She posts a lot of behind the scenes things and a lot of Penguins things.

Pam Chvotkin: Pam is one of the organizers of DC’s Sports Business Week get together. She teaches a course at the University of Alabama and she believes in the power of stories, which fits nicely with her job in production. She is one of the really positive people in sports business and she is very focused on giving back.

Rob Cressy: Rob is another person who is a super positive force of nature. You should Google him and the work he does with the original Pop a Shot product. His podcast, Sports Marketing Huddle, was one of the inspirations for me. He will always encourage you to take action on your ideas, and that is a good thing.

Joe Rixon: Joe is very involved with NAATSO and has been really instrumental in his time on the board in pushing to have more content, stronger content, and different voices speak at the conference. Joe is at Seton Hall and tweets a lot about how he cultivates a fanbase in the Big East, especially when the challenge for many is getting students to attend games and become a part of the network after they graduate.

Martin Gammeltoft: I met Martin when I was getting ready to make my first overseas speaking appearance and little did I know that Martin would end up becoming someone I would definitely call a friend. Martin and his company, Activity Stream, have managed to bring Artificial Intelligence to scale in the arts, sports, and entertainment. He tweets about AI, about the arts, and his love of music.

What would Ticket Twitter be without these last two? Also, I like to show that I do have a sense of humor.

Don Shano: Don Shano is not Jeff Green as the next person on the list has reported. He is probably the centerpiece of what could be called Broker Twitter though. And, even if you are skeptical of brokers and the secondary market, it pays to pay attention to what they are talking about, thinking, and highlighting because the secondary market has proven on many occasions very adept at innovating their technology, changing their tactics, and altering their behavior to meet consumer demand. That’s the good side. The bad side is that the combination of our current relationship between the primary and secondary side has done a good job of devaluing a lot of product as well. But that is a bigger conversation.

Dave Brooks: A few of my Twitter followers mentioned Dave and I figured it would make sense to pair him with Don Shano since they seem to have a hate-hate relationship.


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