Top Ticket Twitter Follows 2018: Part 3

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This is part 3 of my ongoing series of Ticket Twitters you should follow if you are in the ticket game.

Part 1

Part 2

As with the other two parts, these aren’t in any specific order.

If you have someone you love, let me know in the comments. Or, if you disagree with my lists, let me know.

Gary Adler: Gary is the longtime Executive Director of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. Gary often finds himself writing opinions in support of a free and open ticket market.

Jess Smith: Jess works on the NY Yankees digital strategies and she is one of the go-to people on Twitter when it comes to digital strategy in sport. She also puts together a good recap of trends to watch in the year ahead, which I am looking forward to in the next few days.

Jana Johnson: Jana works on marketing and distribution for Ticketmaster. She focuses a lot on being customer-centric and has really helped launch some really great partnerships with organizations like VetTix.

Heidi Browning: Heidi is the CMO of the NHL. In her time with the NHL, Heidi has really made a huge impact on the way that the sport is marketed! You’ll likely recognize her impact in some of the viral videos that the NHL produced during the Stanley Cup playoffs with Snoop Dogg.

Lauren Teague: Lauren is one of the people I go to when I need to understand social media and how to make my social media efforts more effective. Lauren was the original social media person for the PGA and when we talked on my podcast, she shared the story of when she knew Tiger Woods was going to make a comeback and couldn’t tell anyone.

Bill Sutton: Bill is the founding director of USF’s sports business program. What is really impressive about Bill is that he doesn’t just make sure his students are educated, he also makes sure that the kids have jobs when they get out of school. He’s also really focused on making certain that his students get unique experiences as you could see happen when he took students on a trip to the UK in November.

Alicia Jessop: You might know Alicia’s Twitter feed already or her website, Ruling Sports. Alicia focuses a lot of her attention on the legal aspects of sports. She is a professor at Pepperdine and works as a consultant with the AAF.

Dave Arthur: Dave is Dr. Sports Sports Biz. He is the Australian based founder of the iSport Institute. Dave is really focused on making sure that the best practices in sports make their way all the way down the line from the biggest leagues in sport all the way to the smallest club teams. Dave doesn’t think size doesn’t mean you can make an impact.

Roger Tomlinson: In some ways, the least interesting thing about Roger is his work in tickets. Because he is also an extremely accomplished restaurant reviewer. But Roger is really smart when it comes to data, digital marketing, and making sure that the cultural industry is sustainable. Roger is right in the middle of the conversation at conferences and on Twitter. Thinking about it, I should have Roger on the podcast soon too.

Eric Fuller: I introduced Eric as the man that is suing Ticketmaster, but he actually spends a great deal of his time focusing on how marketing and artist development can do a better job of making the concert industry more sustainable. Eric is the only person that I’ve had on the podcast twice and his first episode is the most downloaded episode I’ve had so far and the second one isn’t far behind.



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