Top Ticket Twitter Follows: 2018 Edition Part 1

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Last year I did a series of posts about what to expect in 2018 in tickets. This year, I am going to share with you some of my must follow Twitter accounts from around the world of arts, sports, entertainment, and more.

There is no real order to these except for this is how I wrote them down.

What they all share is a unique set of ideas and opinions that translates into the world of marketing and selling tickets, experiences, the arts, and things of that nature.

If I missed someone, look for part 2, and leave me a note in the comments section or at me on Twitter.

1. Troy KirbyTroy is the OG of sports business podcasting. If you are in the world of sports business and you don’t know Troy, haven’t worked with him, or his work hasn’t influenced you, that’s on you…not on him because he shares content at an amazing rate.

2. Mike Guiffre: For my money, Mike is the smartest digital marketer in tickets that I know. Every time I talk to Mike, I learn something new. He tweets data, information, and ideas on marketing tickets, especially digitally. And, if you pay attention, no doubt you will learn something.

3. Maureen Andersen: Maureen is the CEO of INTIX. Recently, on my podcast, she admitted that she loves social media and being connected, so if you follow Maureen you can know that she is going to notice what you are up to and she is likely to use that information to grow and improve INTIX and the profession of ticket selling.

4. Richard Howle: Richard is one of the people I reach out to when I need to understand pricing decisions. He’s really one of the most thoughtful people in tickets and we share a worldview about the importance of people in all of our decisions. Richard is based in the UK, but I really hope that more of my American friends will follow him and learn from him.

5. Andrew ThomasAndrew Thomas and some friends got a bug in their bonnet about Europe not having a conference like INTIX and the Ticketing Professionals Conference was born. No knock on any other conference, but TPC is consistently the best conference I get the chance to go to each year, filled with great content, tremendous people, and countless opportunities to connect with people to talk tickets, marketing, and more.

6. Windy Dees: Windy Dees is a professor at the University of Miami and she studies sports marketing. Windy is great because she doesn’t take sports marketing too seriously, so mixed in with sports marketing you will also feel like you get a chance to know Windy as she fishes, golfs, and lives life in Miami. I’m jealous. Beyond that, Windy is also really great about making sure that she continues to push for opportunities for her students so that they have the greatest chance to be successful when they graduate from the U’s program.

7. Jo Michele: Jo has a connection to the DMV, so we get the chance to talk more regularly than many of my friends in Australia. Jo is a fantastic Australian ticket professional. Along with our friend, Angela Gahan, they are creating a new ticket conference in Australia that is sure to be fantastic. Jo is extremely involved in INTIX and growing the profession and her view of tickets coming from her work with nonprofit organizations that sell tickets can give all of us a perspective that is different than the normal ticket take.

8. Angela Gahan: As I mentioned above, Angela and Jo Michele are starting a conference in Australia. Angela doesn’t tweet often, but when she does she shares some really sharp things about pricing, promotion, and production. She gave a talk about maximizing revenue in Australia that I still go back to get new ideas from.

9. Ian Taylor: Ian is another UK based ticketing smarty. I find Ian to have a really great eye for analysis. On our podcast conversation, Ian pointed out that even though I am largely a marketing person, I still tend to lean too heavily on sales when I am thinking about selling and marketing tickets. It was eye-opening to me and something that forced me to rethink my approaches and ideas.

10. Tony Knopp: Tony is CEO of Invite Manager. Tony’s background is similar to mine in that it has touched a lot of areas of the ticketing ecosystem. Following Tony you will get some astute analysis of trends and ideas in the world of tickets, thoughts about pricing that reflect his experience with the primary and secondary market, and a lot more.

These are the first 10.

I’m going to put together some more groups of 10 and hopefully share with you all some of the people I look to for ideas and insights.

Do you have a go-to person? Let me know in the comments below.

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