2018 Top Ticket Twitter Follows: Part 2

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In Part 1 of this series, I posted 10 people that you definitely should be following on ticket Twitter. Today, I want to expand on this list.

Again, no particular order and no rhyme or reason to how I am grouping them.

Patrick Ryan: Patrick is the CEO of Eventellect. He tweets about his experience at live events, analysis of the secondary market, and trends that we should be aware of. Speaking of, he’s one of the big guests that I need to get on the podcast now that I’ve established it pretty well.

Brett Zalaski: Brett Zalaski creates a lot of content. Which puts him in good company with me and a lot of the other people that are on this list. You should be checking out Brett’s sales website. Brett tweets out a lot about sales, sales leadership, and Tottenham Hotspur football.

Kathy Burrows: Kathy is one of the nicest people in sports business. She is also one of the most thoughtful. She’s done a fantastic job of building a brand and an asset that people would miss if she didn’t show up. Which is to me the sign you are doing valuable work.

Ken Troupe: A lot of these people that I am listing on the list, especially the first 20-30, are people that I have been fortunate enough to become friends with over the years and Ken is definitely on that list. Ken is the man that helped create the Social4Tix chat on Twitter and in the same vein as Troy Kirby goes out of his way to help promote new ideas, new points of view, and new people that you should listen to.

Nicole Sullivan: Nicole is a really great role model for people working in college athletics. She’s really active in NACDA and she is constantly learning and trying out new things. We had the chance to meet at NAATSO this year and, funny story, I think she was shocked that I was very nice in person.

Lisa Bregman: Lisa is the marketing director of the Seattle Seahawks. Since I had Seahawks season tickets and worked for the team briefly when I lived in Seattle, everyone associated with the Seahawks is a must follow for me for the fact that I still have a great affinity for the organization. Lisa does a great job showing off the in-stadium experience, creating awareness of sponsors, and posting really interesting pictures that show the organization in the best light possible.

Laura Fragoso: Here is the deal, if you are in sports business and went to the University of Alabama, eventually we find each other and from my experience we always have each other’s back. Laura went to the University of Alabama, that’s enough to get her on this list in my book. But Laura is a rock star marketer in Minor League Baseball. And, if you don’t follow what MiLB is up to, they are doing some of the most innovative and creative marketing in sports anywhere in the world and Laura and the Round Rock Express are a big part of that. Laura tweets out marketing ideas and Alabama football stuff…so obviously, I’m following.

Tim Chambers: Tim is the person I turn to for ideas reguarly because he has such a tremendous amount of knowledge about ticketing and he has a global perspective. Tim is very active at all of the ticketing conferences and always asks great questions when he is leading a panel and shares the most current and relavent ticketing news. If I had to say only follow one of the people that I will list on these Twitter lists, he’d be the one.

Arielle Castillo: I’m no Man City fan, but I do follow Arielle. She is the US content producer for Man City and does a great job sharing a mixture of things Man City, futbol, and personal. The current battle with her neighbor is pretty funny if you ever lived in NYC because we’ve all had that neighbor.

Dee Ishani: Dee’s work touches tickets, culture, and non-profits. When I have website and conversion questions, I ask Dee. When I need a different perspective on a situation, I ask Dee because she is not going to give me a hot take. She is going to give me a reasoned perspective that even if I’m springing something on her, seems like she has been thinking about this at some deep level for a long time.



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