It isn’t an Uber Waiting Room, it is a story….


My friend, Joe, is a real estate developer and about a year ago, he told me about a new project that included an Uber waiting room in the lobby. 

Joe was incredulous because he was amazed that people were giving him so much attention for a ride-share waiting room which was really just a special spot in the lobby.

His reply to me was, “That’s not even the best idea I had that day.”

I told him that whether the idea was great or not didn’t matter. Because what the waiting room represents is a story that the person renting or buying in his building could tell themselves and would likely lead other developers to tell themselves as well.

In Seth Godin’s new book, This Is MarketingSeth talks about how LEED certification took off over a period of years. The same process applied to LEED certification as it did to Joe’s Uber room.

It wasn’t that something was being offered that was revolutionary. But it was smart.

It was something smart enough that people could signal to themselves by recognizing it, investing in it, and sharing it.

This is the heart of marketing anything today.

The story that you tell doesn’t have to be so new or so exciting that you are amazed by it.

What does need to take place is that the story is something that your audience will be amazed by, moved by, or willing to share.

Because as much as we all want to be individuals, we still want and desire the connection to a community. This is what marketing is today, a tool that allows us to tell stories about our individuality through things that we want to share with others and that improve because other people are doing them as well.



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