Are you selling the right things?

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I wrote a piece that will be out in a few weeks for a British site dedicated to marketing and selling the arts.

In the piece, I uncovered some data from a study that showed that consumers are buying experiences at a rate 5x greater than goods and that this trend has been picking up speed over the last 5 or so years.

In the context of writing about demand generation for the arts in Britain, this brought me to the conclusion that people might need to put a little more emphasis on selling those things that are unique about the live event experience like community, connection, the emotional impact of the arts.

On the other hand, many of us don’t find ourselves in such a cut and dried situation.

We may have to dig deeper to figure out what we should be selling.

The big question all of us should be asking is are we really selling the right thing.

Many of us may get trapped into the thinking that just because our competition is selling features, so do we.

Or, just because everyone is emphasizing one aspect of an offering that this is what is important to the buyers that they are trying to reach and that we are trying to reach too.

But that isn’t always or even often the case.

In most instances, we are trying to sell impact.

This is the challenge at the heart of most sales failures, we realize that the status quo is a powerful competitor but we don’t know how to dislodge it because we find ourselves focusing on incremental improvements or changes.

But the reality is that to create change, we likely have to go even harder and make even bigger shakes in the foundation of our prospect’s business.

Not because incremental changes won’t have an impact, but because the incremental improvements we promise might not be enough to get someone to change.

And, no matter what we are selling…that’s really what we are selling, change.

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