What marketing is…


I was reading an article out of the UK about why CMOs are still struggling to gain acceptance and respect in the executive suite.

This is a challenge that has been going on as long as there has been marketing.

Even in my own career, when I worked at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, my original bosses didn’t recognize the power of marketing, Jody Allen did, and that led me to understand the idea that marketing is everything you do, not just the ads.

Then when I went to NY, I realized that selling tickets to shows and sports wasn’t really about the ticket, everything was marketing because it was all about the story the buyer was going to tell themselves.

As I’ve been living in DC, I live in an area where marketing isn’t always respected because many people feel like the work they are doing is so special that marketing is beneath it.

But through the years, I’ve learned one thing about marketing…and that is that marketing is everything we do, no matter where we are doing it.

Why is that?

Because marketing is about a simple concept: the exchange of ideas.

What makes those ideas powerful?


The final thing you need to know, if you have an idea, and you can make an emotional plea that your idea is going to create a better world…you have to frame that in the worldview of the people you are trying to reach.

Just because you would buy something, that doesn’t mean that everyone else will.

You aren’t your market.

But you better know how to reach them with what they want, not what you want them to want.

Remember, as a marketer, your job isn’t to reform your market but to serve them.

And, even if you are going to change someone’s mind on something, you have to show them why change is necessary through their eyes…not yours.

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