Revisiting the basics of your “go-to market” strategy…

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In everything I do around strategy, I try to simplify it.

At times, almost to the point of torture due to the fact that one of the biggest challenges all organizations face when undertaking a strategic effort is that they don’t take action on their strategy.

They spend the time and effort necessary to build a strategy, but once the time comes to actually put the actions to work…crickets.

In what should be no shock to anyone, not taking effective action is usually the biggest reason a new strategy fails.

There are scores of reasons that this happens including inertia, the status quo’s strength, lack of focus.

I’d also add complexity of the task ahead and why the strategy has been instituted.

This is where simplicity comes into play.

Over the years, I’ve broken down resetting your strategy into 3 simple questions that can simplify what you are trying to achieve quickly…without a full strategic planning session.

Let’s revisit them:

  1. What is the value we are creating for our market?
  2. Who is our actual buyer?
  3. How do we reach them?

Pretty simple and direct.

The first question should help you remember or flesh out your value statement.

Focus on outcomes.

Focus on the way you change organizations.

The second question is about figuring out who really says, “yes.”

You can spend a lot of time working on hooking up and connecting with people only to find that they have no influence on the sale.

I’ve found that purchasing by committee means that they really aren’t purchasing. They are avoiding failure.

“We all agreed that this was the best idea…how could the group be wrong?”

That’s why you have to target specific individuals because even in a committee setting, someone is the leader. Or, the committee goes back to someone.

Finally, the third question goes right to the heart of marketing.

Which is pretty simple if you’ve paid attention to the first two questions.

You’ll know your value and you will know your market.

Then all you need to do is go out and find out where to reach these people in a meaningful manner.

That’s it.

I’m going to put together a webinar about this in the next couple of weeks that helps walk all of you through the strategic reset.

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