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I was doing a podcast with Ian Taylor yesterday and he brought up a great point that I don’t think can be emphasized nearly enough.

Ian remarked that from the perspective of a Brit, looking at ticket sales in the United States, the culture is built around one of selling at all costs and marketing is sort of the arm of the business that has to rush in and put out the fires or hope to rescue sales when things don’t go according to plan.

This idea was spot on and I realized that it doesn’t just apply to ticket sales either, but to every organization that I work with.

In far too many places, marketing is looked at as a secondary function, something that we might want to put some resources behind, but which is typically underfunded and usually called upon to either do the tactical aspects of the role, often poorly, and never given a chance to get out of the hair on fire situation that too many organizations find themselves in.

The key that all organizations need to recognize is that marketing isn’t a secondary function that supports sales, but a primary function that should make sales easier.

Marketing should be constantly driving and deliver demand through a focused strategy, great branding, and consistent messaging.

In fact, for most organizations, your primary job is to market effectively.

I’ve said as a consultant, my first job is to market my ideas effectively because if I don’t do that well…no one will know if I am a crackerjack or a crapper.

The fact is that much of what we see as bad marketing and advertising is caused by the hair on fire situations that happen because marketing isn’t put in the position to do its job from the outside.

So your marketing needs to lead the way, be proactive.

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