To improve your revenue, improve your service…

The key to improving your revenue is really to improve your service. 

This evening I saw a tweet that complained about the way that the Nationals treat their season ticket holders, overcharging for beer, running out all local eateries for mass stadium food vendors, and treating their guests like they don’t care. 

The reaction to this from the team would be some workshopped press speak about “customers being very important to us.”

But I got to thinking about all of this and came to the realization that the big difference between good service and bad service comes down to one thing, caring. 

If you care about your customers, that comes through in everything. 

If you don’t, the same thing applies. 

That’s why you have to improve your service before you ever improve anything else. 

If you offer to bring people into your business and you don’t make them feel welcome, you’ll never keep them. 

If you have to regenerate customers every day, you’ll never build a long-term sustainable and significant revenue stream. 

You might win once, but you can’t win for the long term without caring. 

That’s the secret. 


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