Changing your business by putting the customers first…


If you haven’t read any Peter Drucker, the core of his philosophy lies in the simple statement that a business has one job: to create and keep a customer.

With that out of the way, we hear a lot about the customer first…and I think it needs a minute of its own in the spotlight.

Yesterday, I recorded a podcast episode with Peter Shankman that talked about the customer economy and how important empathy in the hiring process.

Then, today, I recorded a conversation with Brett Zalaski as part of a series of conversations we thought about doing around issues in sports business.

Both of them got me to the idea of your ability to transform your business by putting the customer first.

What does this mean?

I think it is pretty simple:

  1. You have to ask yourself what value you are trying to create for your customers?
  2. You must ask yourself if you are providing that value in a way that reflects what your customers value?
  3. Is this message of value resonating?

As much as anything, customer first is a mindset.

What say you?


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