Booking Protect and AudienceView Extend Their Relationship: 3 Things To Learn From Their Partnership


My friends at AudienceView and Booking Protect announced that they have extended their working relationship an additional three years.

That’s exciting news for consumers and organizations that sell tickets because both companies focus on three really important aspects of the live entertainment experience:

  1. Customer first
  2. Innovation
  3. Relationships

Why are these things important today?

Well, because this is all you really have in any business, but let me explain:

Customer First: 

Many organizations and people talk about putting the customer first. That’s all well and good, but they don’t back it up.

In combining forces, AudienceView and Booking Protect not only say that they are putting the customer first, they are following through on it.

AudienceView works tirelessly to create new and better ways to connect with customers, build a relationship, and expand a relationship.

As such, the Booking Protect platform is one that sits right on top of the AV technology to help deepen the relationship between buyer and seller by offering a solution to a real challenge in today’s ticket-buying world, the challenge of on-sale dates being earlier and earlier and people’s lives getting in the way.

In today’s entertainment world, consumers have more choice than ever before so you have to make sure you are aware of all of the challenges that might stand in the way of a buyer making the purchase. Which means that it isn’t enough to make the purchase seamless, you also need to service the customer before, during, and after the event to maximize your opportunities.


If there isn’t a bigger buzzword today, I’m not sure what it would be.

I define innovation as constant improvement over time.

Which for all intents and purposes can mean that you have big bang innovations like the iPhone or the iPad, but the incremental changes that add up over time are also innovation.

That’s where Booking Protect and AudienceView have a real advantage working together.

Because both companies have been working hard to do both the big that smacks you in the forehead, but also the small stuff that adds up to something huge.

For AudienceView, the additions of established platforms like TheatreMania and OvationTix is a way to give their customers a more comprehensive solution.

For Booking Protect, it was the reinvention of their customer service standards and their digital service platform that was a big innovative move, but it is the continued tweaking and improvement of their customer service delivery that is likely to leave the biggest impact for customers.


If there is a mantra that cuts through all of my work, it is relationships matter.

This is the heart of every business, even though we don’t necessarily always follow through on it as much as we should.

The key to the success of both organizations lies in their focus on relationships.

My relationship with both organizations is strong, but it isn’t just me…the relationship that both organizations have with their markets and their customers is key in their ability to deliver value.

We can all learn a great deal from this too.

As an example, look at the Michael Hughes and his connection to all of the venues and people he has worked with over the years and how the strength of those relationships enables him to be more responsive to their concerns and challenges. Or, how Cat Spencer described the way that she spends so much time with her customers building relationships that even when they haven’t met in person, that it still feels like they should be next door neighbors.

The key takeaway for all of us needs to be that relationships matter.

In fact, I should have probably put that first.

But I’m excited for both companies because I am sure that they are going to continue to grow in their partnership and deliver more value for their partners and their customers.

The text of the press release is below:

AudienceView and Booking Protect Extend Their Partnership

Leeds, United Kingdom 28 August 2018 AudienceView and Booking Protect are pleased to announce a three-year extension of their partnership to offer the world’s most innovative refund protection to AudienceView customers around the world.

“We are excited to continue to partner with AudienceView on bringing refund protection to customers around the globe,” says Simon Mabb, Booking Protect CEO. “As customers are being asked to make their ticket purchases further in advance, offering comprehensive refund protection has become a necessity for organizations because consumers can have any number of issues arise prior to their event date. Our productoffers them the peace of mind that they crave and demand.”

Supporting more than 2,000 of the world’s most renowned live event venues, teamsand organizations across 15 countries, AudienceView offers powerful tools to sell tickets, drive attendee engagement, grow revenue and enable operational efficiencies.

“Our partnership with Booking Protect has been successfully adding value for our clients since 2014. Many attendees who purchase tickets through e-commerce platforms operated by AudienceView are choosing to purchase comprehensive refund protection for their tickets for a nominal fee, which brings in additional revenue for our clients andimproves the overall consumer experience,” said Mike Evenson, VP of Strategy forAudienceView. “We look forward to bringing continued innovation to all our clients through our Booking Protect partnership.

“With our ongoing emphasis in creating the best customer service technology in theworld, it is great to continue to work with AudienceView in this successful partnership,” continued Mr. Mabb.

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