3 Lessons From My Conversation With Mike Guiffre

For today’s podcast I had a chance to talk to someone I have known for a few years and who I mentioned is likely someone that people have been waiting to hear me talk with, even if they won’t admit it….Mike Guiffre. 

I think this is an episode you’ll want to listen to the entire way through, but just to entice you a little…here are 3 quick takeaways from our talk.

  1. Most teams are spending their marketing and advertising budgets wrong: Mike thinks that the way teams are allocating their marketing and advertising budgets is way out of line and he proposes a radical reinvention of the way people market and advertise their tickets. 
  2. We need to spend more time thinking about the long-term value of a customer: This is something I know you’ve all gotten used to hearing from me, but Mike agrees…allowing the TV money to skew our thinking about our customers will ruin our businesses. The job is to create and keep a customer. 
  3. Pricing is a struggle: Which means that it needs more resources and more thoughtfulness. Discounts kill, but so does pricing things too high. 

There was a lot here. We talked consolidation deals. We talked waiting on winning. And, a whole bunch more. 

I hope you dig it! 


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