The problem with “premium” seating, pricing, etc…

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Is that it is everywhere.

Just take a look at cars in India, the expectation is that luxury cars will see a 15% increase in sales in 2018. Which is great until you realize that as soon as all of those Indian upper middle-class drivers start driving BMWs, they start to lose a little bit of their charm and appeal.

That’s the same challenge with premium seating in the States or in Western countries, where now more than 25% of the seats are premium. I couldn’t find an exact number, but I do believe I am low-balling it.

As the number of seats that are premium has ballooned, they have been met with yawning indifference. Likely for a bunch of different reasons like less corporate spending, less demand for games, and less overall appeal.

Yet, the need for more premium or more this or that is offered up as a solution at almost every turn.

Here are some facts, maybe not the ones you want:

  • Once everything is premium, nothing is premium…no matter how you dress it up.
  • The solution is and continues to be value, but not what you think is valuable but what the buyer thinks is valuable.
  • The amount of “premium” offerings isn’t keeping up with the real market that their fans and consumers exist in. One of the challenges that creating overwhelming numbers of premium sections has created is that going to a game is a luxury, but the attention you need isn’t a luxury.

There isn’t enough balance.

But maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe the $16 beer only bothers me, but I’ve seen my inbox and read my replies on Twitter…so I know that I am not the only one.


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