Not everyone is a fanatic…

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I mentioned that I liked the Luke Cage show on Netflix, but I wasn’t a fanboy to a friend the other day.

I thought he was going to laugh at me, but he said…”Dude, its totally okay. You can dig it without being a fanboy.”

Which got me to thinking about so much of what is offered today.

There are so many options that we have access to or that are asking for our attention that it isn’t possible that everything is going to be something we are rabid about.

In fact, most things aren’t ever going to rise to that level.

The reality is that even if you do like something, the goal, in the long run, may or may not be to reach a level of fandom.

That’s something for every brand manager and marketer to think about. If the world is full of options and opportunities, you aren’t often going to get a point where you start from the jump with a certified hit.

You may, but you might not want to count on that in every case.

The key to switching people from uninterested to knowledgeable, to fans has several steps. To accomplish moving people from one destination to another requires thought.

In many cases, that is what is missing…the thought necessary to get someone moving in the direction that you want them to move.

Again, this requires conscious decision making and lots of thinking.

Not just throwing things against the wall, hoping something will stick.


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