93% of people in Elbert County used their seat belts last month…

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That’s what the sign told me as I passed into Elbert County, Georgia this afternoon.

It also mentioned that the highest they’d achieved was 97%.

My first question was: “How do they know?”

Then I thought better of that and realized it doesn’t matter.

The bigger question was the one that the driver that doesn’t have his seat belt on asks himself:

“Am I the kind of person that wants to be in the minority of people wearing their seat belt?”

Likely, knowing that 93% of his friends are wearing theirs, peer pressure sets in.

That’s what makes the next line about 97% being the best they’ve done because it also leaves room for improvement.

“We are going to get to 100% one of these days…”

No, you won’t.

Because I bet if I come back in a few months, the sign will still read 93% and 97%…because the numbers don’t matter, the story does.

BTW, why did I know it was a man?

Because on the whole, women are more likely than men to wear seat belts at all times…in 89.6% of the cases.

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