Rule 1 of Modern Marketing: Maintain Integrity…

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Yesterday I wrote about reinterpreting the truth…and I figured over the next few days, I would talk about the rules of modern marketing.

Rule 1: Maintain integrity.

This is pretty simple…tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Unfortunately, too many places we look, this advice seems to be gone.

Look at Taylor Swift and the way she has sold tickets to her tour…she may be making more money than ever before, but it is also built on the lie that a lot of the fans that bought early needed to buy early because they were going to get the best seats in the house.

Think about politics…we’ve hit new heights of dishonesty lately, but politicians were never known for their honesty.

These are two examples, but you can look almost anywhere to find something similar.

“Best service”

“Only game in town”

“Everyday low prices”

All of these terms conjure up images of used car salesman and bad experiences.

The modern marketing rules require that we tell the truth, but now more than ever…it is becoming hard to know for sure if the truth is cutting through.

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