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As I watched the Capitals celebrate their Stanley Cup win this afternoon, I was reminded of an old marketing adage…which is the truth doesn’t change, but the interpretation of the truth will.

Why did this come to mind during a rally and a parade?

Because we often poo-poo the idea of community building, especially when it comes to sports.

The intelligensia or the super-serious among us will tell you that sports are just a distraction.

That is true…but it also doesn’t detract from the fact that despite being a distraction, sports is also a catalyst for community and can be a catalyst for change.

Don’t believe me:

  • Look at how Bear Bryant used a game against USC to help integrate the football team at Alabama…something he had wanted to do but found he couldn’t get the school to agree to until wins and losses were involved.
  • Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball is another one.

Again, why do I bring this up?

Well, I saw a tweet from David Corn this afternoon when I got back from DC:

And, I thought to myself, sometimes we need a catalyzing moment to bring us together so that we can tackle what we know isn’t right.

Like Ted Leonsis said before the parade, he wanted to do something that would put DC in a positive light for once.

Which brought me back to the idea that the truth doesn’t change, but your interpretation of it does over time.

Let’s hope that a few more events where people can celebrate their own connection can lead to a reevaluation of a lot about society.

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