Marketing: One Thing or the Only Thing?


I remember a few years back, sitting in a meeting in DC, and talking with a business owner about how marketing is really one of the only things that you can do to influence your business’s success.

I was met with a blank stare.

But the thing I see when I look at the world around me is that too many people and businesses have that same blank stare about marketing.

They feel like they have created this product or service and that it competes in the market with all of these other products or services, but their product or service is just so much better that logic will win out.

The truth is that logic is never going to win out.

Logic never wins, emotion does.

Which brings me back around to today’s point:

For many organizations, marketing is a thing.

For the best organizations, marketing is the only thing.

Or, for me, marketing is everything.

If you don’t buy that, look at some of your favorite businesses:

Starbucks doesn’t do a tremendous amount of marketing…but they are famous for building an experience called “The Third Place.”

That’s marketing everything.

Not just coffee, but an entire worldview.

Or, look at Apple at the height of their powers when Steve Jobs said, “It just works.”

That’s marketing the entire business.

Becuase the ecosystem was so tightly bound that to not use all of Apple’s products together, you were missing out.

Compare that to any number of organizations that don’t have the same focus on marketing or marketing the whole organization…and you will see the cracks that allow opportunity to slip through.

In many cases, the goal shouldn’t be to do more…but to do better and more completely what needs to be done.

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