Does This Still Work?

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I received an email today from a sports team that happens to have my name on their call list and the gimmick they used to try to generate a response seemed like something out of whatever bad email prospecting guru is popular these days.

Which means that people are likely getting spammed with this stuff all over town and it is making the likelihood of a response even lower than it might otherwise be.

Selling is tough.

I get that.

But you can be a little more creative if you want a response…or, am I wrong and this kind of stuff actually works? You tell me.

“To make it easy, if you wouldn’t mind responding with a 1, 2 or 3 from below and we can act accordingly.

1) I must go to this game, let’s set up a call before the lottery on Monday to guarantee tickets!

2) I will try my luck in the lottery and await the results.

3) Not interested in attending the home opener anymore.

Thanks again and hope we can connect!”


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