A Missed Opportunity?

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I’ve written here before about email newsletters and selling sports tickets…and I spent a few minutes surfing a few teams’ websites, looking to see who was taking advantage of one of the more powerful permission assets.

I wasn’t surprised, but a little disappointed that far too many sports teams don’t have prominent placement of email newsletters or email signups.

The Washington Capitals had the most prominent positioning of any of the teams I looked at…and, not surprisingly, Ted Leonsis is always pointed to as a progressive owner.

But, maybe, more surprising was how many teams in the NFL and the NBA didn’t have any sort of email presence that was easy to find.

To me, this signals a missed opportunity for the teams.

I didn’t pioneer or create the concept of “Permission Marketing” but I have been an advocate for it and every other form of marketing where you get people to sign up for a relationship with you.

What we should all be able to agree on now is that the way that we are selling tickets has been challenging for a few years now. Despite record high revenues and good ratings, attendance at events is down…and no fake attendance stats please.

That’s why permission assets are so important.

If we have captured a moment in time, we should use that moment to help deepen the connection…which is sort of what the Capitals are doing.

While the NHL is doing more than most leagues on email, I still think the Caps could do more by pushing their email to the forefront now and encouraging people to sign up so that they can be informed about all the happenings with the Stanley Cup champions…even if that means they have to create things.

Hey, aren’t we all making things up anyway?

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