10 questions I want to know more about in arts, entertainment, and sports…


Taking a podcast for a test drive has opened up a number of new insights for me:

  • I’ve found that I end up searching out ideas from a diverse range of places.
  • Innovation, true innovation, is something I am always searching for…even if the innovation is as simple as how you treat your staff.
  • Being curious is a plus, but not one that is always appreciated.

That being said, a few months back, I wrote up a post about the challenges facing the performing arts, which mirror the challenges facing a number of industries.

As I’ve had a chance to reflect on these issues and do some more research, I’ve begun to develop some questions that I want to ask…here are a few of them.

  1. Why is it such a struggle to talk about the value of the arts and/or entertainment is valuable? Too much of the marketing and advertising seems to me that it isn’t about helping people to discover anything new, but about confirming the bias that people already have, better or worse, due to the sameness of the efforts.
  2. How can we get better at marketing arts and entertainment? We’ve seen too much reliance on “hits”, but what about building an audience or demand?
  3. How can we change the sales model of the arts and entertainment to better create incentives for early buying or buying behavior that benefits everyone?
  4. What can we do about pricing to maximize revenues, but also to create an environment of accessibility?
  5. Is it time to reboot the strategies behind selling experiences and entertainment?
  6. Is there something other than a subscription that we can use to sell tickets? Does it always have to be single seats or subscriptions? Is there something else?
  7. Why is it that all entertainment is built around narratives, but we often struggle with the narratives that help keep people engaged throughout the year? Such as, it is easy to be excited about Hamilton because it has a buzz of its own. But how do you convey a story around everything else?
  8. How do we build communities? Holly Mulcahy is someone I check in on from time to time because she has been very creative about how she encourages new experiences and new connections around the arts. It takes work, but our customers are looking for communities now more than ever.
  9. Is it possible to keep the experience fresh when our consumers are so used to constant change?
  10. What can we do to create an environment where our fans and customers feel even more welcome when they come to our events? Are we doing enough to ensure that people know we are delighted that they are there? 

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