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Tide Wins! But Who Will Remember?


After a great Super Bowl game, let’s return to the world of marketing and advertising to think about the second most important thing after the game: the ads.

In most instances, I feel like advertising is only a tool to support a brand after you have established it.

But the narrative that somehow Super Bowl ad spending will shift the conversation around a brand or product still holds.

Unfortunately, this year is another example that the ad spending on the Super Bowl is expensive and typically nonproductive.

I am not going to spend any time going through a blow by blow of the Super Bowl ads, but what I am going to do is point out that there was only one brand that cut through the noise around the game: Tide.

That’s great.

And they may have spent $20 million to do so, but how many other organizations spent over $5M to achieve the same thing to no avail.

This occurs year after year because we have gotten the order of operations out of whack.

You build your brand by building a great product and getting publicity for it.

You support that brand by using advertising to maintain it.

Good game Eagles!

Ad spend, not so much.