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Is Our Modern Ticket System Just Another Maximized System?


I was reading about “maximized systems” the other day which the simple explanation means “commodity” systems.


Because the only objective is to produce, distribute, and move as quickly as possible.

No relationship to value.

No relationship to anything except for anything except for maximizing yield. Which usually leads to cutting corners: price, experience, quality, etc.

That got me onto the discussion that is happening throughout the ticket world these days: which is basically “WTF!”

Its pretty desperate because more and more the market for tickets is boom or bust. And, bust is way out in front.

The challenge of attendance and fan experience and attention in the current consumer environment is pretty vexing.

But when you think about what the industry is dealing with as a maximized system, the challenge comes into view a little more clearly. Though the solutions are still likely difficult and need more long term thinking…but isn’t that the case with so much stuff?

The point is: are tickets just another maximized system right now?

If so, is that what we really want?

If not, what are we going to do to push back on that?

Because again, there are no easy answers…but don’t we first need to agree on the question?