Marketing Isn’t That Tough

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Most of your marketing should be common sense at this point…

But there seems to be a persistent attempt by “gurus” and “ninjas” to try and persuade you that maybe their is a secret sauce to what your marketing should be.

Here’s the deal…

Marketing is pretty simple at a strategic level. It is a targeted, consistent approach on your selected audience. 

Any of the other stuff is tactics…so when someone comes screaming that you need to be on Twitter, or Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Pinterest…you get the point, you don’t. 

What you need to do is have an overall view of the markets you are attempting to reach and an approach to reach them in a manner that is consistent with what you know they appreciate. 

And, to help, as I say in my “Marketing Mastery” workshops…no buyers really go to the Internet to buy your consulting services. They may find something you’ve written and visit your site, but they aren’t sitting there searching for consulting services that will lead them to you. So approach things accordingly.

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