Long Term Strategy Made the Super Bowl…SUPER!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

If you are almost anywhere in the world, you know that the Big Game is about to begin in a few hours…

I’m sure you likely have an idea of which teams are playing and if not….you have another reason or two for why you want to watch the game.

The fact is, the Super Bowl as this big monolith that consumes attention all over the world, started as a good idea and a way for two competing football leagues to square off and crown a champion. In fact, the first one didn’t even sell out.

Despite the NFL’s challenges this year, their long term strategy is to be applauded…it took a lot of concentrated effort to impact so many people so completely.

And, as an executive and leader in your own right…its informative for you to look at the way that the League has built an almost year round machine that pumps the NFL into our thoughts, onto our screens, and into our lives.

Here’s your action step….what can you do to take a step towards being in your clients’ lives in such a complete and meaningful way?

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