Why You Remember The Sponsors Of Minor League Teams…

I recently saw a note about Minor League Baseball CMO Michael Hand advancing a plan that engages brands surrounding large scale advertising in the minors. 

Hand talks about the leading brands needing to be advertising with MLB, but I think that is a limited view because one of the key reasons people remember the ads and advertisers when they go to a minor league stadium is because of the scale…but when Hand speaks of Scale he is talking about how less overwhelming a minor league game feels compared to a really big MLB game…

When I talk about scale, I am talking about not just the fact that the scale of the ad in comparison to the environment, but also the scale as in positioning the brand in the stadium and in the game environment. 

Putting your brand in a minor league stadium makes sense because you also are looking at the holistic nature of the event…which, much like marketing, makes sense.

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